Handmade Products

I have developed a couple of products that can be extremely helpful to people at this time. I am happy to announce my launch of hand and body products including Advance Hand Sanitizer and Extreme healing moisturizing balm. The hand sanitizer is made of high quality ingredients, such as multiple essential oils with anti bacterial properties, rose water for skin conditioning, 60% alcohol, aloe and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide which acts as a catalyst to activate the ingredients. The bottles are high quality blue glass, and can be reused.

A small bottle, 2oz, is $7.00

Large bottle, 4 oz, is $12.50



These are a spray, and will last you quite a bit.

Also, I've come out with a highly concentrated,  Ultra Rich Moisturizing Balm containing organic Peony and Lavender infused organic coconut oil, mango butter, beeswax, organic castor oil, organic olive oil and essential oils as well. These come in Geranium/Ylang-Ylang, Lemongrass and Lavender scents. A 2oz jar can last 6 months! 

2oz jar is $12.00

4oz jar is $22.00



Please specify the size and scent you would like. I can deliver the products myself if you live close to Walnut Creek, or ship them. Payment can be made with cash or check if delivered by me, or PayPal to the website if shipped. Please contact me first so I can figure the shipping price before payment.